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InfoCorp Sentinel Logo
InfoCorp Sentinel Logo

Saviva has been integral part of InfoCorp's product team in building the FarmTrek solution. FarmTrek solution is a fraud prevention technology developed by InfoCorp Technologies that combines the use of RFID, blockchain as well as secured mobile application. InfoCorp established a partnership with Myanma Insurance (MI) of the Ministry of Planning and Finance, Livestock Breeding Veterinary Department (LBVD) of the Ministry of Agriculture, and successfully completed a pilot trial in August 2018 and has signed collaboration agreement to create a national livestock registry for 17 million cattle using FarmTrek.

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The FarmTrek product offered a solution that can secure to the end-to-end flow of information from the physical livestock ID tag to the blockchain.


We catered InfoCorp's increasing need of simple and effective way to communicate a message to their target audience via quality graphical design materials.

Our finesse to details in little things like picking up appropriate typefaces, colors, images used in marketing and branding materials empowered the community and investors make a sense of connection to the FarmTrek product. We strongly be­lieve a first impression that a graphic design makes on view­ers is of crucial importance in drawing their attention towards a visionary initiative.